Italian Nativity Scene

Italian Nativity Scene

The Italian valley “Val Gardena” in South Tyrol is very popular for its famous wood carvings. Here the century old tradition of woodcarving was handed over from generation to generation. Nowadays the sons are still using the same tools for wood carving as their fathers and grandfathers did, the chisel and the wooden hammer.

The artisans working for the company of Patrick Demetz in S. Cristina, Val Gardena, are all master craftsmen. With great affection they are carefully designing and carving each Italian nativity scene which can be seen in the shop of Demetz Patrick Woodcarvings in S. Cristina or in the online shop.

The Italian nativity scene offered by Patrick Demetz Woodcarvings can be seen in different designs. Some of them are just left in their natural, untreated wood. Others are stained or carefully painted with great passion. There is also an Italian nativity scene that is completed with gilded details.

A lot of different artisans are needed during the creating process of each wooden item that is offered by the company Demetz Patrick in S. Cristina. There are carvers, engravers and sculptors, designers, painters and guilders.

All of them are perfectly working together with the aim to create unique entirely hand-made wooden religious and non-religious items. It is a matter of course that each Italian nativity scene can be combined with an affectionately carved Holy Family and a large range of other figurines, like and shepherds, and animals of all kinds.