Dolomite Nativity

The Dolomite Nativity is a modern, ash wood carved nativity scene. The nativity figures of the nativity set Dolomite are carved in a contemporary style. The figures wear a very plain clothing; the garb of the 3 Wise Men is easily slightly decorated.

The facial expression of the Dolomite nativity figurines is very gentle and their posture sensitive.
The Holy Family consisting of St. Joseph, Mary and the Infant Jesus may also be purchased in a set.

The figures of the Dolomite Crib are available in sizes 10 - 13 and 17 cm (3,94 – 5,12 and 6,69 inc) and in the variants natural, stained 3 colors and color. The colored nativity figurines are hand-painted with oil colors; the color is very lightly applied, in order to keep the grain of the ash wood clearly visible.