Credit card.

Goods being purchased on line utilizing web site shall be paid by credit card: following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

American express

Raiffeisen Bank.


A comprehensive transaction safety during the input of the credit card data occurs thanks to the use of the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer, an international standard), which applies a 128 bit data cryptographic system. This allows the data entered by the purchaser to always and only reach the Raiffeisen Bank entrusted with the receiving of the payments. No data related to the credit card utilized for the payment will be sent to web site and they cannot be filed in the above mentioned web site.

During the input of the card data, the safe SSL connection is indicated by the appearance of a lock closed on the browser window lower edge. According to browser and operative system, a window informing you are entering a safe area also appears. In case you make an error while entering the data, it is possible to return to web site and try to issue the payment by credit card. At the end of the operation, a page displaying a confirmation concerning the issued payment appears and a credit card transaction receipt will directly be sent by e-mail to the bank. web site will save in its own files the purchaser's personal data, excluding the credit card data, which are treated observing the Privacy rules. The user has all rights provided for by Italian 196/2003 Decree Law.

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