Modern Art Nativity

We are glad to introduce you our newest nativity set! The Modern Art Nativity is a modern and plain nativity set realized in our wood carving laboratories. This young Christmas crib is carved in ash tree wood and available in the variants color and natural. Enjoy your brand new Modern Art Nativity!



Personalised woodcarvings

Would you like to get your own personalized woodcarving or would you like to give someone a hand-carved statue or relief? Demetz Patricks artists will realize your request with a completely hand-carved artwork. All information.


Religious art

Val Gardena wood carving is worldwide renown thanks to the traditional religious art. In our shop you will find religious figures like Madonnas, Angels, Popes, Crucifixes as well as Saints men and Saints women also as reliefs. Choose from a wide range of high quality woodcarvings made in Val Gardena.


Woodcarved animals

Wood carving is not only traditional religious art. If you love animals, in our catalogue you will find wonderful mountain animals or our every day fellow in a realistic or more playful representation. Choose from a wide range of high quality items, browse the animal catalog now!