St. Peter

Art. K05610
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Remembrance Day: 29th June

Patron: of Rome, Trier, Poznan in Poland, the popes, the penitents and confessors, the butchers, carpenters, glaziers, locksmiths, blacksmiths, lead founders, potters, masons, brick makers, bridge builders, watch makers, net makers, weavers, sailors fishermen, fishmongers, the castaways, the virgins, the weather, against theft, against fever, snake bites, rabies, obsession, foot ailment


Available versions and sizes:

natural Natural wood not treated
stained Stained and treated with pastel paints
stained 3 col. Stained with at least 3 shades of color and treated with pastel paints
color Colored with oil paints and gilded with gold leaf
real gold Colored with acrylic colors on a chalk background and gilded with 18 carat gold