St. Cecilia

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Remembrance Day: 22nd November

Cecilia was a young virgin who promised herself to Jesus Christ. Her parents however promised her to a young pagan called Valerianus. She married Valerianus and lead her husband to Christianity. Both of them used to participate in the burials of the executed Christians, what was, of course, forbidden, and were brought to jail and executed.
Cecilia was put into boiling water, they even tried to cut off her head, but did not succeed.
In the few days she was still alive, she managed to distribute her wealth among the poor.

Presentation: St. Cecilia is usually represented with organ or violin, with sword or with a rose

Patron: St. Cecilia is patron of the church music


Available versions and sizes:

natural Natural wood not treated
stained Stained and treated with pastel paints
stained 3 col. Stained with at least 3 shades of color and treated with pastel paints
antique Colored with acrylic colors on a chalk background
color Colored with oil paints and gilded with gold leaf
real gold Colored with acrylic colors on a chalk background and gilded with 18 carat gold