St. Nun

Art. K04910
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Also as:

4911 St. Beatrix with book

4912 St. Ingrid with cross

4913 St. Angela with cross and ladder

4914 St. Cathrine with stigma and lily

4915 St. Irma with church

4916 St. Isabel with lily and crown

4917 St. Judith with discarded crown

4918 St. Imelda with consacrated wafer

4919 St. Elvira with book

4920 St. Paula with inkpot and fether

4921 St. Edith with book

4922 St. Luise with cross


Available versions and sizes:

natural Natural wood not treated
stained Stained and treated with pastel paints
stained 3 col. Stained with at least 3 shades of color and treated with pastel paints
color Colored with oil paints and gilded with gold leaf
real gold Colored with acrylic colors on a chalk background and gilded with 18 carat gold