St. Andrew

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Commemoration day: 30th November

Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter and son of John, was born in Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee. He was a fishermen and the legend tells about him as about a disciple of Jesus. Andrew recognized Jesus as the Messiah and introduced him to his brother.

Andrew was martyred by crucifixion. However, he was not nailed like Jesus but bound. In addition, the cross might have been X-shaped, this is why it is called Crux decussata, today commonly known as a "Saint Andrew's Cross".

St. Andrew is bank holiday in Scotland and patron of Russia, Spain, Greece, Sicily, Lower Austria, Naples, Ravenna, Brescia, Amalfi, Mantova , Bordeaux, Bruges, Patras, fishermen, fishmongers, butchers, rope-makers, miners, the water carriers, mines, for a good marriage, desire for motherhood and fatherhood, against gout, cramps, sore throat, l 'erysipelas (also called "disease of St. Andrew")

Available versions and sizes:

natural Natural wood not treated
stained Stained and treated with pastel paints
stained 3 col. Stained with at least 3 shades of color and treated with pastel paints
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real gold Colored with acrylic colors on a chalk background and gilded with 18 carat gold